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AARP is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of persons 50 and older. Through information and education, advocacy and service, we seek to enhance the quality of life for all by promoting independence, dignity and purpose.
旧称American Association of Retired Persons。高齢者の利益を代表して活動する団体。調査研究や政策提言も行う。議会証言の機会も多い。

The Actuarial Foundation
"the Foundation is funded by the Society of Actuaries and contributions from individuals, corporations and organizations that support research, education and communication initiatives leveraging actuarial science and skills in the public interest. "
アクチュアリー協会が設立した財団で、年金数理に関するリサーチ、教育への支援を行っている。同財団が設立したActuarial Education and Research Fund (AERF)では、研究レポートを公表している。
"The mission of the AFL-CIO is to improve the lives of working families?to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our nation."
American Benefits Council
"The American Benefits Council (the Council) is recognized as the preeminent advocate of employer-sponsored benefit programs in Washington, D.C. "
大企業を代表してEmployee benefitに関する政策提言、主張を行う。"Issue"のページでは、Employee benefitの問題毎に、過去の経緯、法案の概要、ABCの提言内容を掲載している。
"The encouragement of economic research, especially the historical and statistical study of the actual conditions of industrial life."
American Society of Pension Actuaries (ASPA)
"The purpose of ASPA is to educate pension actuaries, consultants, administrators and other benefits professionals, and to preserve and enhance the private pension system as part of the development of a cohesive and coherent national retirement income policy"
Change to Win Coalition
“Our goal is to empower the tens of millions of American workers who face the daily challenge of making ends meet and whose voice has been silenced by the overwhelming power of large global corporations and their representatives in Washington,”
Financial Executives International (FEI)
"FEI will continue to be the professional association of choice for the corporate finance executive."
Investment Company Institute (ICI)
"ICI is the national association of the American investment company industry. The Institute represents its members and their shareholders in matters of legislation, regulation, taxation, public information, economic and policy research, business operations, and statistics."
投資会社をメンバーとする業界団体。"Retirement Security"のページには、関係法律、規則、統計等が掲載されている。
The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP)
"because the International Foundation is a nonprofit, nonlobbying organization, benefits and compensation professionals have come to rely on it for objective, accurate and timely information."
Employee benefitに関する情報提供、教育を行う団体。ここの"Glossary of Terms"は、基本的な用語集として使うのには便利。
HR Policy Association
"HR Policy Association is an organization of senior human resources executives of Fortune 500 corporations concerned with improving employment, labor and workforce policies and practices."
National Association of State Health Co-Ops (Nashco)
The National Alliance of State Health CO-OPs (NASHCO) is the trade association for the non-profit health insurance CO-OP industry. Itself a nonprofit corporation, NASHCO was initially formed by volunteers after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and was designed to promote the development and success of health insurance CO-OPs.

National Conference on Public Employee Retirement System (NCPERS)
"NCPERS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of retirement benefits for all public sector employees and retirees."
The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM)
NCPSSM was founded "to serve as an advocate for the landmark federal programs of Social Security and Medicare and for all Americans who seek a healthy, productive and secure retirement."
高齢者の年金と医療を守りましょうと主張する団体。当然、Social Securityの個人勘定創設には反対。更新頻度はあまり高くない。
Pension Rights Center
"The Pension Rights Center is the country's only consumer organization dedicated solely to protecting and promoting the pension rights of American workers, retirees and their families."
Profit Sharing- 401(k) Council of America (PSCA)
"PSCA is a nonprofit association advocating increased retirement security through profit sharing, 401(k) and related defined contribution programs. "
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
"The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the leading voice of the human resource profession."
人事・雇用担当者の団体。Mailing-listに登録すれば、毎日曜日、SHRM E-Bulletinが送付されて来る。
The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW)
"The UAW has approximately 640,000 active members and over 500,000 retired members in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico."
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
"We're fighting for business and free enterprise before Congress, The White House, Regulatory agencies, The courts, The court of public opinion, and governments around the world."
米国商工会議所。最も力のあるロビー団体の一つ。"Political Advocacy"では、テーマ毎に、立法の経緯と同所の主張を掲載している。
"WorldatWork is a global, not-for-profit association of more than 26,000 compensation, benefits and human resources professionals. "